Travel to Dhamma Vikasa Centre

Dhamma Vikasa located in Southern Taiwan - Liouguei District, Kaohsiung City. Please choose from the options below for advice on how best to reach us.

If you are looking for a ride or want to offer one, please make use of the Ride Share Board.

By Bus

From THSR Zuoying Station or Kaohsiung Main Station
1. Take Kaohsiung Bus Route # E25 to Liouguei Farmers' Association Stop, then transfer to local bus #11 to head for Vipassana Center. Once you get on the bus #11, please tell the driver you want to get off at "Vipassana Center" or "Ding Lao Nong" if the driver can not figure out where is your destination. 
2. The timetable below is subject to change.  Please check out Kaohsiung Bus E25 Schedule before you make your travel plans.

Kaohsiung Bus【E 25 】 Kaohsiung to Liouguei

Transfer to Bus【 H11 】

From Liouguei to Baolai /Taoyuan

Kaohsiung Main Station

THSR Zuoying Station Cishan Tranfer Station


Liouguei Farmers' AssociationLiouguei Farmers' AssociationVipassana CenterNotices
6:20 7:257:458:30   
11:2011:4512:3512:5513:4014:0014:40Only available on weekdays
12:2012:4513:3513:5514:4015:0015:40Only available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
One will be late for registration if he/she takes the following buses

By Taxi

Notice: the taxi information provided below are only for participants' convenience, the center is not responsible for the conduct of the taxi drivers or the quality of the journey.

Taxis should always be booked in advance. The driver will group people together if more than one person books a taxi at a similar time of day, so that the total cost can be shared.
Be sure to double check the cost before set off.

  • From HSR Zuoying Station (NT$1500~1600)
    e.g. NT$400 each for 4 persons, NT$500 each for 3 persons.
    also available from Kaohsiung Station (NT$1500~1600) or Kaohsiung Airport (NT$1500~1800).
    0937-560372, Mr. Huang, Wan-Chyuan (黃萬全)
  • From HSR Tainan Station (NT$1500)
    also available from Tainan Station (NT$1500) or Tainan Downtown.
    0932-867615, Mr. Chen, Ching-Ker (陳清科)
    0978-582701, Mr. Liu, Rui-Yuan (劉瑞源)
  • From LiouGuei Station (NT$500)
    0922-919711 or 07-6891342, Mr. Tian, Jin-Zong (田金宗)

By Car

Due to limited parking space, please use public transportation if possible.

Please make use of the Ride Share Board, if you can offer a ride or are looking for one. 

The GPS coordinates of Dhamma Vikasa are: 23° 05 minutes 17 seconds N and 120° 41 minutes 5 seconds E (N 23.0882°, E 120.6848°).

From the North

  1. Take National Highway #3 south.
  2. Exit at the second exit of Guantian Interchange.
  3. Go towards Zhoumalai direction.
  4. Take Provincial Highway #84 Express Route (Beimen Yujing Route) towards the east.
  5. Take Provincial Highway #20 (Southern Cross-Island Highway) towards the direction of Jiaxian.
  6. Near the 75.5 km mark, see 'Vipassana Center' sign board on the right hand side.
  7. Turn right into Dingnong Road.
  8. Go straight for about 100-200 meters to reach the center.

From the South

  1. Take National Highway #1.
  2. Take National Highway #10 towards Meinong and Liugui direction.
  3. At the end of the highway, turn right into Provincial Highway #28 then take Provincial Highway #27A.
  4. Turn right about 20 meters after Liugui Farmers’ Association.
  5. Pass through Liugui Bridge.
  6. Take Provincial Highway #27.
  7. Turn right into Provincial Highway #20 (Southern Cross-Island Highway).
  8. Near the 75.5 km mark, see 'Vipassana Center' sign board on the right hand side.
  9. Turn right into Dingnong Road.
  10. Go straight for about 100-200 meters to reach the center.

At International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  • By Shuttle bus to HSR Taoyuan Station
    → HSR Tainan Station
    → HSR Zuoying Station
  • By Bus to Taoyuan Station
    → Tainan Station
    → Kaohsiung Station

Kaohsiung International Airport

  • By Metro to Kaohsiung Station
  • By Metro to HSR Zuoying Station

Contact Details

Dhamma Vikasa

No.1-1, Ln. 100, Dingnong Rd., Liouguei Dist., Kaohsiung City 844, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 (+886)-7-6881879 (Fax)
 VoIP: 070-1010-0266 / 070-1010-0270 (For Registration Only)

[email protected] (For registration)
[email protected]